Choose the Advocacy of a Dedicated Texas Divorce Attorney

In order to best prepare yourself for whatever comes your way during the divorce process, it is vital that you have a qualified divorce attorney by your side. Amy Harris, PPLC is a highly knowledgeable Montgomery County divorce attorney that you can trust that we will be working hard to bring your case to success with as little stress on you as possible.  Amy Harris specializes in divorces that involve children as well as those that don’t.  Our firm is  sensitive to the often delicate nature of family law situations and assist clients by navigating their specific circumstances to recommend a course of action tailored to the evidence and the client’s objectives.

Texas Divorce Requirements

In the state of Texas, you have the option of filing on grounds of either “fault” or “no fault.” This means that you can either prove that one of the state’s fault-based grounds for divorce is true, or you can get a divorce based on irreconcilable differences.

According to Texas Family Code §6.001-6.008, the grounds for divorce in Texas include:

  • Insupportability (irreconcilable differences)
  • Cruelty
  • Adultery
  • Conviction of felony
  • Abandonment
  • Living apart (for at least three years)
  • Confinement of the other spouse in a mental hospital (for at least three years)

Before a divorce can be filed in Texas, at least one of the spouses must have been living within the state for at least six months. Furthermore, at least one of the spouses must have lived in the county where the divorce is being filed for 90 days or longer. The divorce finalization process goes much more quickly if both parties are able to agree on their divorce terms. If they are not able to agree, the spouses will have to handle the matter through litigation, which can extend the length of time the divorce takes.

Representation for All Types of Divorce in Montgomery County

The Law Office of Amy Harris is able to handle all types of divorces. We can help individuals who are dealing with contested divorces (in which the parties cannot agree on the divorce terms) and uncontested divorces (in which they are able to reach agreements outside of court).

We have experience handling high net-worth divorces and business owner divorces, in which the process of asset and debt division can be particularly challenging. In addition to asset and debt division, some of the many issues that people have to work through during the divorce process include alimony/spousal support, child support, child custody and parenting time. We also represent same-sex divorces and other matters affecting same-sex couples.

Make sure you have a skilled attorney advocating on your behalf once you decide to end your marriage. Contact Amy Harris, PPLC ​for competent legal representation. Call (936)521-2002